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image courtesy nito s.r.l.

Concept of ECG monitor kit - Opeka (which means Care in Russian). Entry project for industrial design contest "Design for Russian Technologies". July 2016. Bronze prize winner.


Kit consists of wearable on-chest gadget with installed heart rate sensors and wrist band which receives bluetooth data from chest device, saves it and optionally sends it to user's smartphone, or in case of emergency - directly to the owner's doctor. 

With this concept I've tried  to rethink emotional, social and aesthetic sides of medical equipment, to place some warm soul into vital device. Furthermore to provide some kind of personalization potential in form of different colors selection. 

Also I wanted to make it light, comfortable, aesthetic. Something which gently, unobtrusively cares for its user in a form of modern device. Minimal shape with tasty simple nuance... 

Wearable on chest, bluetooth ECG monitor. Aimed to be as light as possible, with low profile and soft edges to stay invisible under patient clothes.. Central circled form with heart icon is an activation, power button.   


Dimensions are: width is about 120mm X height about 50mm. Roundish device at the right of the image - simple charger. At the upper right corner you can find early attempts of the heart rate monitor design. 

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