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Let me introduce the concept of chess for blind people called INSIGHT. Originally it was one of my 3 semester project in school of Industrial design. Couple years later I gave it one more fresh try, and here it is. So where it came from? Well, I was deeply inspired by the world of blind people, trying to imagine what it feels like when one have such a disability, how one's senses work, what's going on in one's mind lacking visual information, how it feels while touching common well known objects. While trying experimenting with sensing, I've discovered an idea of very simple and modern chess, which makes game process way easier and faster. Here what it turned into - minimalistic shapes with clear relief-based icons on top, level steps above main body and glossy-smooth surface for "white" against rough surface for "black". For easy and secure positioning flat rectangulares made in 3D shape of cillynders with matching it cillyndrical shape of figure bottom. More over light magent is supposed to be installed at the bottom to secure figures positioning while players touching war field by hands. Plus Brille text for letters and numbers. Simple as that. You can fiind all this out at images provided. Thank you for your attention!

image courtesy nito s.r.l.

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