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Якорь 1
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R-truck... truck is clear but what is R for? is it robot, or rebel or something even sporty? You might even find your own definition. To me it's kind of a revolution which is rapidly approaching to the trucking industry. Here is a try of what it could look like when the human isn't a center point anymore, when every human senses are delegated to connected Ai optics, sensors etc..Will future trucks turn into strictly utilitarian shape or there still will be a room for emotional and bold shapes? Let's have a look ;) 

Initial designs started as an experimental interpretation of Frank Ghery architecture into vheicle shape, they were pretty emotional with quite a conservative cabin ...

Later on main style was chosen, yet due to an autonomous idea which naturally joined the project, architecture got quite a dramatic change...

first of all cabin became slimmer and was extended to the front to eliminate the feeling of possible driver presence, enhance aerodynamics (wedge inspired) and place all required radars, lidars, cameras etc in a more natural way... as well as the rear part of the trailer which became more functional... main surfaces were a bit turned down.. also new idea for the trailer wheels started its development... 

Wheel research. Looking for balance between powerful look and aerodynamic efficiency..

final R-solution.

making its way through snowy Kyoto ...

due to some professional and personal reasons this project took me almost two years to develop from initial ideas to final solution (still there are more ways for further interpretation of autonomous phenomena) 

a lot of  backstage "love" with Alias.... as always... :) 

I was dreaming for so long about this day when everything came to last arrangements of the project;) I hope you've enjoyed and thank you for watching!) 

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