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image courtesy nito s.r.l.

Project: EV Scooter NES

Client:  NITO s.r.l.  (Nuova Industria Torinese), Turin, Italy.

Production: Available on the market since Nov 2018.


First mass production project made by East Pacific Lab.


In the year 2019 Scooter NES received 3 design awards worldwide. German Design Award (Gold)MUSE Design Award (Platinum), BIGSEE Design Award (winner).

image courtesy nito s.r.l.

Scooter is inspired by relaxed mood of  beaches  in southern europe, driven by an idea of clean energy, contemporary way of living, vibes of youth. It represents timeless, recognizable iconic style, dozens of customization options, smooth and powerfull electric drivetrain. It's very pleasant to ride, outstanding machine.

image courtesy nito s.r.l.

Production model (left) vs. Early prototype (right)

image courtesy nito s.r.l.

Ideation, Free hand and digital sketches, CAD steps were covered in ~2 year time.

Before the final, production version, in order to adjust and prove engineering and styling solutions, several running prototypes were developed.

As well as some hot stills have been taken..

Visit nitobikes website for more information.

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